When Can We Vaccinate Our Children?

We all want to keep our children protected from COVID-19. While there are still many questions that need answering, let’s discuss what researchers do know.  

As of now, there are three different vaccines approved for emergency use by the FDA and being distributed to people aged 16 years and older. However, most teens and young adults are not considered high risk and will likely be the last group to gain access to a vaccine.  

Pediatric Vaccines


In March of 2021, Moderna started testing a COVID-19 vaccine in children as young as six months through 11 years old. Currently, we know that some side effects of the vaccine include fever, sore arm, fatigue, and aching joints.1 Some of these side effects could be more intense in children than in adults. With this trial, we will see the impact that this vaccine will have on children at large. Childreparticipating in the trial are anticipated to be monitored for up to a year to determine if the vaccine has truly provided protection.  

Adolescent Vaccine


In a different study started in December of 2020Moderna is already testing the effects of the vaccine on adolescents ages 12 to 17Researchers expect to have results in the late summer months. According to the CDC, Teens are twice as likely to be infected with the virus than younger children.2 If this vaccine is deemed safe and effective within this age group, we can expect to see it become available to adolescents and teens by the end of this year.  

In the meantime, clinical trials could be a great way to gain early access to a COVID-19 vaccine candidate and to contribute to the control of this virus. These studies are crucial for this virus to be controlled. Scientists estimate that around 70-90 percent of the population will need to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity.3

Help Keep Our Children Protected!  


If you’re interested in volunteering for Pediatric or Adolescent COVID-19 research, we now have studies enrolling in South Houston. Those who volunteer will receive access to a COVID-19 vaccine or a placebo at no cost. The best part is, no insurance is required, and each volunteer who qualifies and participates is eligible for compensation. Get involved today and play your part in protecting our future! Learn more by visiting our website. 


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