How COVID-19 Changed the World

There isn't one person in the entire world that has not been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. This worldwide pandemic has turned our lives upside-down, side-ways, and back again in just half a year. It has shaken us to our very core, and some things have changed, possibly, forever. Things like our workforce, education system, and even the clinical research industry may never be the same. Keep reading to learn more.


The Workforce

What has happened to the US workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't been seen since The Great Depression. At the peak of the pandemic, unemployment rates skyrocketed to 16%, over 20.5 million people[1]! The latest unemployment rates from July have shown a decrease to 10.2%[2], but many experts have said that “a full recovery may not be possible until the country develops herd immunity.”[3]


COVID-19 not only affected the power of our workforce but also HOW we work. Recent research has shown that 42% of the American workforce is working from home full-time. Our economy has been shifting for a long time to a more knowledge-based economy where knowledge-based workers are essential, but capable of working from home.[4]

The Education System

Months before the Summer break, schools around the world closed prematurely due to safety concerns with COVID-19. With schools coming back in session, we've seen a mixed reaction to how the school districts are choosing to move forward. Many areas decided to move forward with an entirely virtual approach; however, some argue the insufficient training, bandwidth, and preparation will negatively impact the ability for sustained growth. Others now believe a hybrid model could be the best method.[5] In response, teachers have to adapt their strategies to reach their virtual classrooms better.

The Clinical Research Industry

Research sites have been trying to get sponsor companies to adapt patient-centric technologies for years, but COVID-19 really kicked things into high gear. Technology such as telemedicine could enable researchers to gather less extensive study data from the patient, allowing fewer clinic visits. Other software like eRegulatory and eSource enable contract research organizations (CROs) and sponsor companies to review data in real-time via HIPPA compliant cloud-based systems, allowing for fewer monitoring visits and easier auditing. Sponsor companies are even modifying their protocols and speaking with their ethical review boards to accommodate patients and their safety better.[6]

Get Involved in COVID-19 Research


No one and no industry was unaffected by this global pandemic, and that's why we have to stand together to rise above it. Those on the front lines of the battle, others who were potentially exposed, and even those who tested positive could qualify for a research study at Centex Studies. Vaccine, post-exposure prevention, and treatment studies are enrolling now. Those eligible could receive access to the study medication and oversight from our medical team at no cost, no insurance required. Compensation for study-related time and travel is available for those who qualify and choose to participate. Click here [South HoustonNorth HoustonLake CharlesMcAllen] or call 281-918-0048 to sign up. The world may be changing, but we’re still all in this together!