Holiday Season During the Pandemic

2020 has got to go down in history as one of the craziest years recorded. From natural disasters to presidential elections and worldwide pandemics to rumors of wars, times are uncertain, to say the least. Now, the holiday season is coming up, and COVID-19 has never been worse. So, what does this mean for us? Keep reading as we discuss what to expect on the corona-front this holiday season.

Gatherings Will Probably be Smaller

Officials have recommended that gatherings be limited to two other households besides your own. It's also recommended that people not travel between states for the holidays since a 14-day self-quarantine is needed before mixing indoors with others in many other states. People at higher risk are being highly encouraged not to attend, especially indoor gatherings.[1]


Grandma's homemade stuffing may be the best around, and your crazy aunt from out of town may have the best stories, but this year it might be best to keep it small and intimate. Some families are even opting to have guests for a virtual dinner instead of an in-person gathering. It may sound strange to change some centuries-old traditions, but in this case, safer is better!

Spikes Across the Nation

While yes, officials recommend that people avoid traveling this year, not everyone is heeding that warning. The anticipated surge in interstate travel and the general homey nature of the fall and winter holidays in which people crowd together indoors is the perfect recipe to spread respiratory illnesses like COVID-19 and the flu.


There are six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years', and public health experts see this as six weeks of super spreader events. The number of cases in the US has already surged past 8 million, with over 200,000 deaths.[2] The rates after the holidays can only be speculated about, but all we can do is cover our faces, wash our hands, and hope for the best!

A Vaccine Could be Closer Than We Think!

Pfizer recently announced that they would be applying for emergency permission to distribute its vaccine in the US. If approved, front-line workers such as doctors and nurses would be among the first to receive the vaccine. The drug giant believes this could happen before Christmas! Several other vaccine candidates are close on their heels as well.

It's Not Too Late to Volunteer for Research!

As mentioned above, several vaccine candidates are on their way to expedited approval, but more research has to be done. To beat this thing, we have to find the best, safest, and most effective vaccine we can, but we can’t do that without people like you.


Several research studies for COVID vaccines are enrolling at all of the Centex Studies locations. Click here to browse our enrolling trials or call 281-918-0048 to get involved today!