Asthma: The Springtime Terror

While most would associate the springtime with beautiful weather and blooming flowers, for others, this may mean frequent exposure to asthma attack triggers. As this beautiful spring weather shows up, let’s discuss the difference between adult and childhood asthma and how the springtime could look a little bit different for someone who has this condition.  

Child Asthma Vs. Adult Asthma 


Adult-onset asthma and childhood asthma are actually the same disease and have the same symptoms. Howeversymptoms are the are typically not as persistent in childhood asthma as they are in adult asthma.  

Adult onset Asthma: Several factors can increase the risk of adult-onset asthma, including obesity, hormonal fluctuations in women, and allergens. Some of these allergens may include cats, smoking, or dust. Asthma in adults can also be more dangerous and more challenging to control which increases the risk of flare-ups or even hospitalization. In 2015, there were 3,615 asthma-related deaths reported, and of those, 3,396 were adults 1 

Childhood Asthma: In childhood asthma, lungs can become easily inflamed by specific triggers. Typically, these triggers include allergies or respiratory infections, which would be especially dangerous during the spring months. Though there is currently no cure for child asthma, for some children, symptoms and asthma attacks disappear or significantly reduce once they hit puberty 2 

Overall, the spring months can be hazardous to anyone with asthma. Some ways you can take control and prevent asthma attacks are taking your medication as directed, having an action plan if a flare-up does occur, always having your inhaler on hand, and lastly, getting involved in treatment studies 3 

Learn How You Can Get Involved!


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