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Centex Studies, Inc. is a clinical research site network conducting clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies. All patient data collected is reported back to the pharmaceutical companies to submit to the FDA for drug/device approval or continuation to the next clinical phase. When potential patients sign up for a clinical trial with Centex Studies, Inc. (either online, over the phone, or in person) all personal information that is recorded is protected according HIPAA national requirements. Once information is submitted to Centex Studies, Inc. subjects will be registered into our database, unless otherwise requested by the subject. Registration of the potential subject only signifies interest to obtain further information about the study, and is in no way obligatory to participate in the interested study. All Centex Studies, Inc. and other affiliated personnel are obligated at all times to the confidentiality of personal data processing, according to HIPAA standards, that could either directly or indirectly identify the data subject. For more information on HIPAA please visit


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