Houston, We Have a Problem! COVID rates are reaching a record high

Centex Studies-Houston has research studies enrolling for healthcare workers, nursing home residents, and others who have potentially been exposed to COVID-19.  

July 7, 2020  HOUSTON, TX – In recent weeks, the number of new coronavirus cases in Texas has skyrocketed, reaching new record highs multiple days in a row. Harris County has the highest number of confirmed cases in the state at over 35,000 and deaths at almost 400. Even with some restrictions being put back in place, most progress made to flatten the curve has been lost, and there seems to be no end in sight.   

“It may seem discouraging to some to see cases back on the rise, but here at Centex, we are rising to the challenge,” says Dr. Joe Pouzar, Principle Investigator at Centex Studies-Houston. “The drugs we are investigating are showing real promise, especially for our most vulnerable populations, but we can’t do it alone.”   

Healthcare workers and nursing home residents are at the highest risk of being exposed to COVID-19. Without finding something to protect them, we lose our front-line of defense, and the death toll will continue to rise.   

“Our first line of defense and our elderly population should be our number one priority,” Dr. Pouzar said. “Research is the only way we can protect them right now, and hopefully soon, we’re going to find our way back to a semblance of normalcy.”   

Centex Studies-Houston has preventative research studies enrolling for healthcare workers and nursing home residents as well as treatment research studies for those who have potentially been exposed to COVID-19. Those who wish to get involved can visit their website at www.centexstudies.com or call 281-918-0048 for more information.   

About Centex Studies  

Centex Studies is a multi-specialty research organization with three locations across Texas and Louisiana. Research studies evaluating potential new options for several indications are enrolling now. There is no cost to participate, and compensation for study-related time and travel may be available.