Research studies evaluating potential options will begin soon at Centex Studies – Houston  

February 9, 2021 HOUSTON, TX – Wanting to protect expecting mothers and our children is only natural, but without the proper research, we have no way of knowing what is safe and what isn’t. So far, no COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for use in pregnant women or children under 18, but research studies evaluating potential options will begin enrolling soon at Centex Studies – Houston.  

“Recent research has shown that babies are born with more COVID-19 antibodies if the mother is infected early during the pregnancy,” said Dr. Joe PouzarPrincipal Investigator at Centex Studies – South Houston. “This has strengthened the case for maternal COVID vaccines, but ultimately the research still has to be done.”  

For the most part, children are not severely affected by the coronavirus. However, they can still spread the virus to more vulnerable populations such as the elderly or those with underlying health conditions. Schools also run the risk of becoming breeding grounds for the virus if left unchecked. Vaccinating children may be the most logical next step to reaching herd immunity.  

“While most children seem to have very mild reactions to COVID-19, the risk of them spreading the disease is too great to ignore,” says Dr. Pouzar. “The faster we can get the research done, the faster we can protect our loved ones.”  

Expecting mothers and children must be in otherwise good physical and mental health to participate in the studies. Those who qualify for and choose to participate in the studies could receive access to the study vaccines or placebo and oversight from the Centex medical team at no cost, no insurance required. Reimbursement for study-related time and travel is also available.  

About Centex Studies

Centex Studies is a clinical research site network with 5 locations across Texas and Louisiana. They have been in business for 15 years and recently joined the global network Headlands Research. Paid clinical trials evaluating potential new options for several conditions are enrolling now.