Centex Studies-Lake Charles Survives Hurricane! Studies Resuming Soon

Research studies for potential COVID vaccines and treatments are enrolling now.

September 9, 2020 LAKE CHARLES, LA – Hurricane Laura blew through Louisiana on August 27th as a category 4 storm, leaving record-breaking destruction in its wake. The Lake Charles area was devastated, and downtown was like a scene from a war movie. Roofs were completely gone, buildings were destroyed, and trees were ripped from the ground and tossed into the streets. Even a nearby chemical plant caught fire, sending toxic gases into the air.  

“We are so lucky that our office received relatively minimal damage,” said Devora Torrence, President of Centex Studies. “Our hearts go out to the people of Lake Charles, and we can’t wait to reopen our doors to the community in their time of need.”  

Centex Studies is currently conducting research studies for COVID-19 vaccine and treatment options, as well as several other conditions. The office is currently closed pending some minor remodeling but will reopen mid-September. Amidst the chaos and the returning evacuees, having options for those who were exposed or tested positive for COVID-19 is more critical now than ever.  

“Even with social distancing measures in place at evacuation centers, it would be naïve to think that we will not see a spike in COVID cases when people return to their homes,” said Dr. Michael Seep, Principle Investigator at Centex Studies-Lake Charles. “Other urgent cares and testing facilities could be closed for the foreseeable future, but we can offer access to potential new options and testing at no cost.”  

Those who qualify for and choose to participate in research studies at Centex Studies-Lake Charles could have access to potential COVID-19 vaccines and treatment options, or placebo, at no cost. They will also receive oversight from the Centex medical team; no insurance is required. Compensation for study-related time and travel is also available after every completed visit. 

 Apart from offering access to potential treatments and vaccines, Centex Studies-Lake Charles will also be passing out cases of water and masks to those returning to the Lake Charles area. The Centex temporary location for studies and supplies will be 765 Bayou Pines E. Lake Charles, LA 70601.  

 Those who wish to get involved can visit www.centexstudies.com or call 281-918-0048 for more information.  

About Centex Studies

Centex Studies is a multi-specialty research organization with four locations across Texas and Louisiana. Research studies evaluating potential new options for several indications are enrolling now. There is no cost to participate, and compensation for study-related time and travel may be available.